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PC WorkZ is Singapore's very own online desktop PC blogshop where you will find affordable, high end quality suitable for gaming and yet stylish desktop PC which we customise the needs for each of you. We customize new PCs to suit all gamers needs, marketing to be one of the lowest price in town.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011, @ 7:00 AM

Computer Clean Out and Dust Removal

Keeping your computer and parts clean is very important to prolong the life of your computer and prevent early failure of components. Dust, dirt, and hair build up can cause your processor to overheat or your motherboard to short out and damage them beyond recovery. Computer crashes can also lead to critical data loss and downtime while the computer is repaired.

Cleaning your computer will make it run cooler and quieter because dust can clog the air vents and fans which restricts air flow. This reduces the effectiveness of your computer's cooling system. Dust can also cause shorting of computer components because dust can conduct electricity and create an electrical path between circuits which causes power overload.

If you have pets - especially cats and dogs, are a smoker, or live in a dusty environment then your computer should be cleaned out once a year to prevent damage. It is better to be proactive and get this dust cleaned out before you need the computer to be serviced due to overheating. Dust can also create health problems and carry germs.

If the computer is kept in a very clean environment, then cleaning out the computer every two years should suffice. You can open the side of the computer case and have a quick look to see if there is any dust build up. Putting the computer on top of a desk, away from carpet, and breezy windows which blow in dust can reduce this spread of dust, but all computers are affected over time.

You should avoid using Vacuum cleaners to clean out a computer due to the large amount of static energy they create. Never ever open a power supply unit or computer monitor as capacitors inside these can hold an electrical charge for several days after being unplugged.

Every day computers fail due to excess temperatures, fan failure, and component shorts. Processors usually have a thermal cut-off point which immediately shuts down the computer when it reaches an unsafe temperature. Unfortunately not all CPUs have this feature, or it sometimes fails to cut the power before damage occurs. This CPU blow out also destroyed the computer's motherboard, which is the most expensive part to replace in a computer system.
The pictures show u how your pc may like happen if too much dust in your pc will crash easily. Important need to clean and remove your pc dust away at least 1 year time. Cannot 2 or 3 years time. Dust will grow bigger and bigger worst and crash easily! CLEAN AND REMOVE DUST COST only $60.

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